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Welcome to Dogtrix Day-School!

Program Length – 4 or 8 weeks; 2 days per week – Includes Daycare

Choose your days; Tuesday/Thursday OR Monday/Wednesday. Requires a 1- OR 2-month commitment.

4 weeks/ 2 days per week – $60 per day includes daycare- $480.00 – 8 training sessions
8 weeks/ 2 days per week – $60 per day includes daycare – $960.00 -16 training sessions

What to expect 

Day-School is a FUN, hands on program designed to help supplement your in-home training. We are dedicated to enhancing the human-canine bond, using reward-based methods. Let us lay the foundation of training while your dog is at daycare for the day! Designed for dogs of all ages.

A day in the life of your Dogtrix Dog’s day-school!  

Drop off is from 6 am – 9 am; Pick up is from 3 pm – 6 pm 

2 group off leash walks, all with dogs based on your dog’s play style and temperament. Safe structured socialization with plenty of fresh air and green grass! All the benefits of our already established daycare. Our goal at Dogtrix is to work with your dog to encourage proper healthy growth.

Skills covered are sit, loose leash walking, recall, & the attention word “look”. There are no set hours because there is training in everything we do! Your dog will be taken out of the daycare group individually to work on their skills. Want your dog to work on another command, Howl at us! We are here to help.

To receive the full benefit of day school, your dog should attend for the full duration of their package. Consistency is key! Space is limited, we have one designated trainer working with your dog, so you know your dog is getting the individual care it needs. 

BYOB – Bring 1/2 of your own breakfast. We will always use food or treats in the early stages to teach a command. Nothing but positive motivation over here!

Your dog’s progress will be documented in a weekly and final report card. The homework sheet and tips for success are available on our private day-school Facebook page! Along with all your dog’s progress videos.

What you need to enroll:

  • Meet all daycare requirements, see daycare page for full list. 1/2 day is to be done before Day School start date.
  • Up to date vaccinations.
  • Spayed/Neutered by 6 months.
  • If your dog will be spayed in the next 1-2 months, please wait for day school. We do not want to have a break in training.
Pre-payment is required. If your dog already has a daycare pass, we will put it on hold while they are in day-school. Want to come an extra day of the week and not participate in day school ? You can use your pass or pay for the day.

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