a dog with two tails (daycare)

Why Play?

Dogs are social creatures by nature and thrive on interaction with other dogs and/or people. Dogs that spend 7–10 hours a day alone become depressed, lethargic and destructive due to boredom. Some dogs can suffer severe separation anxiety when left alone and daycare helps alleviate this problem. Dogs that attend doggy daycare leave happy, exercised and well socialized at the end of the day. Daycares are not just for the working owners, but also for those that just want their dogs to HAVE SOME FUN AND RUN, RUN, RUN!

Dogs thrive on routine so our staff sticks diligently to the same daily activities. Our 2 daily walks start at 9 am and will continue until all the dogs are walked. Dogtrix has a 1–½ acre of securely fenced walking pen. This allows all the dogs to enjoy an off leash walk in safe groups of 5-6 dogs at a time. We do not allow jumping, mounting, rough play, body slamming or extreme chasing. Dogs are redirected using positive associations, and  our goal at Dogtrix is to work with your pet to encourage proper healthy socialization.

Our highly trained staff is long term and certified in our in house training Pet First Aid and Pet CPR. At Dogtrix we believe in prevention and the handlers are trained to focus on certain dog language and provide proper positive re-direction for unwanted behavior. Our staff works to get know your dog individually and learn all their personality quirks. We know some dogs require one on one attention when they first become part of our pack. This type of training will allow your dog to integrate into our pack safely and smoothly.

Dogtrix provides a home away from home, where your dog has the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment.

Who can play!

  • All dogs over 6 months must pass the initial temperament/health interview. (No interview required for dogs under 6 months.) All dogs must do a morning 1/2 day ( 4 hours or less ) before starting full time
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated, including Bordetella; puppies can join the pack after their last set of vaccines.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered by or on their 6 month birthday. We understand this is a controversial topic, Dogtrix supports any decision you may choose.  
  • All dogs must be non-aggressive.
  • We STRONGLY recommend a flea/lice/tick prevention program.
  • Pre-booking for daycare is required
  • Dogtrix does NOT offer in home pet sitting services or overnight care 

Add on Services!

* daycare dogs only *

Fluff and Go!– Limited to daycare clients only, $5-$20 (depending on size) Spruce up Fido after a day of play! Your dog’s coat will be wiped down, the coat brushed out, and spritzed with a mist of fragrance. This service is limited to dogs attending daycare. Coats must not be matted. Dogs will be taken out of play group 20 minutes before pick up time.

Sit, stay, walk! – Does your dog need some extra coaching on their loose leash skills ?! Need to be extra played out for the night ?! You asked we answered – Sign them up for a “Sit, Stay, Walk!”

Choose from a private ON or OFF leash walk

This one on one opportunity will allow our highly trained staff to refine your dog’s existing skills or create a foundation for long lasting leash control and reliable recall.

$5.00 for a 15 minute OFF Leash Walk
$10.00 for a 15 minute ON Leash Walk

Photo Packages – Birthday, Platinum Pup-arazzi, or Pup-arazzi

Birthday – $15.00

5 photos uploaded to your dog’s photo gallery on ProPet
Guaranteed individual social media posts
Biog’ruff’y of your dog’s Dogtrix life
A digital birthday card from your fur-friends!
Notification when your package is complete

Platinum Pup-arazzi – $12.00

5 photos uploaded to your dog’s photo gallery on ProPet
Guaranteed spotlight social media post
1 video of your dog showcased on
Notification when your package is complete

Pup-arazzi – $5.25

3 photos uploaded to your dog’s photo gallery on ProPet
Guaranteed 1 photo featured in our daily social media post
Notification when your package is complete